Saturday, 7 July 2018

Underwater porthole scene

Good afternoon,

I wanted to share with you what i had done this week.

My sister in law is expecting and due the middle of August. We had her baby shower today. A baby shower is good when you need the basics. They don't know what they are having. Her mom needed some help so i helped out with the creative stuff. We chose the colour yellow for our theme.

This is the invitation. Printed on yellow paper and cut out. I made a nappy template and cut it out with shaped scissors and a yellow ribbon to tie it.

We made wooden blocks and asked our guests to draw on them. We used posca's to do this. Must say they turned out awesome. We are going to finish them off with child friendly medium and give them to her when the baby is born.

We made little nappy's with white napkins and added a thank you note with a nappy pin. We put a mommy face-mask in it along with the marzipan babies you see below.

I also made these little flags. We asked for baby photo's from all our guests. I digitally altered them to make them black and white, just so it would be harder to tell who was who. Whahaha we had fun with that.

This is me. I added some little wooden flowers in white, yellow, and light green.

My mum also made the cutest cupcakes i wanted to share. This icing is yellow and the little feet are fondant. They were yummie too. 
Okay, To my other hobby. We have a caravan and our clock there broke. I kept it and knew i wanted to do something with it. So when i saw the die cuts in Marlene's collection it was a done deal.

I pulled out the clockwork, should have kept it to use the gears and cogs, darn ..... I gesso'ed the plate. Love the way the numbers came through. I still don't have a i have to wait for drying.

I used white modelling paste through two different stencils. I used the  sugar lump stencil by TCW and a home made dotted stencil. You can see them here top bottom and the middle. I added acrylic spray paint in the colours pink, green, blue and yellow. Just cheap stuff from a local store. Would love Dylusions or something similar at sometime.

I added the confetti from the Checiegirl mixed media box (loved that). I added some little wooden fish from the same local store. I added the quote, with a black posca, 'The ocean is everything i want to be..... beautiful, mysterious, wild and free' around the edge.

 I added the awesome die-cut mermaid and little fish, seastar, fish and squid from the die-cut pack from Marlene. Marlene's signature collection is too awesome ! I made seaweed from different shades and sizes of ribbon. 

After shading with a grey Tombow and highlighting with a white posca I thought it finished. I hope you feel the same. Loved doing this, loved working with materials from different artists. Love Checiegirl and Marlene :)

Lots of love,


  1. I love what you did for the baby shower there are some lovely touches. The artwork you made is gorgeous, the textures are so yummy and I love what you did with the confetti, can't wait to see more creations. 💗