Monday, 11 June 2018

Sunflowers or sunglowers

Back again,

When typing the title, my auto correct made sun-glowers instead of sun-flowers. Thought that cute LOL.

I bought Marieke Blokland's book 'Art jounaling and mixed media'. love it .... Tips and tricks as well as assignments to do. Lots of advise with the thing i find hardest, which media works with other media. The good thing is it doesn't matter as there is no wrong way to do it. The bad thing is things don't happen the way you think they will hahahahaha.

In the book she also talks about cool they are a vocal point but also how cool they are on a background. She also advised making a stamp for yourself, the letters of your name and the you can stamp all your work in style. I tried lol forgot to make sure it was mirrored whahahaha so of course it was back to front.

A smooth rubber and a sharp knife. An idea of what you want to do is handy also.
I decided on the @ and the year. This one is wrong.

This is the back of one of the cards i made. Stamp worked out well.
cards to follow in another post.

So started this page with lines of black and white papers, layering that on with Gesso. I drew circles and swirls with the crayons. Covered a few with the ink and then changed to water colour paint. I drew stems and leaves. I used black and white posca to decorate the flowers and add some dotting.

I used ecoline ink to create some sunshine at the top.I used Stabilo pens to add words. Its a word chain... i started with flowers and wrote down each word that popped into my thoughts. A great way to stay positive.

I love bright colours, i love the spring sun shining into my house, i love sitting outside and listening to the birds and i love our getaway caravan....all these things keep me (semi - lol) relaxed and positive.

Hope you like what i have done,let me know....okay ?!

Back soon !

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