Friday, 1 June 2018

Art Journal

Hi there,

I got bit, never been excited about being bitten before.
Got bitten by the art journal bug.

I always liked using different media in making cards and i have a bullet journal. People from way back when or those who know me better, know i feel i am better with words.

I am very creative....i make jewellery with beads and aluminium wire, i have done some hand lettering and even mosaic but i really think i can't  draw. My mother keeps trying to convince me i can so she introduced me to art journalling.

I never even new my mum did that...she never shared them or i never remember her sharing. She followed mixed media classes and her stuff is awesome. Love my creative mum.

I googled a lot...found some awesome people on the world-wide-web who do a lot of good.

*** I signed up for a free class by Marieke Blokland from she also does a summer class at the artjournalschoolhouse. You can find that here.

*** I also found a free class by Kristal Norton called 'Art Journalling 101'. You can find that here.

*** Also on You Tube i found awesome classes by Maremi called Maremi Small Art. You can find that here.

I am so excited i got enrolled for the class too, it starts in September and its given by Marlene. Marlene is awesome ! She even has a line of art journalling materials made possible by studio line. A journal, stamps, paper pads and loads more goodies. i have them all allready.

I want to practice...i was kind of afraid i would look silly amongst experienced multi media artists, and I didn't want to ruin the awesome jounal.

I got a 200 page magazine, supplied by a higher end car dealership and stuck two pages together. As i do not yet have many stencils and media options the pre-coloured and texted back grounds help.

I used all the 'media' i have....a list 😀
- soft pastels
- acrylic paint
- ecoline brushpens
- water colour pencils
- pigment ink pads
- stencils
- sakura pens
- washi tape

This is the full page. There are things i like and things i do not like to much.
I put the blue down first and then drew the face....thought it would be cool to do the face there.
Now i dont....reminds me of someone from Avatar...

I like the right side of her face.

I like the flowers.

I also signed up for The Crafters Workshop DT. Dont have a chance i think with all the awesome artists out there. But i thought if they have DT'er in Holland they might sell more in Holland.

Oh well back soon with some birthday cards :)

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