Thursday, 28 June 2018

Mixed media monthly box - Dyary art journal

Good morning to you all,

I wanted to share something with you. As a 'young' mixed media artist i have been looking for a monthly subscription box to boost my stash and give me inspiration. When i say young i mean 40+ but new at calling my hobby mixed media art journalling.

Roaming the 'www' i found several monthly subscriptions, some from larger companies, some from smaller, some from never heard of companies. I decided to start with the smallest. See what i think and maybe i will go for this one again and maybe i will try another.

So i ordered a quarterly box from Checiegirl Creations. A young (yes in age too) starting her own company. A link is at the bottom of my post.

I ordered the box on Monday evening. Used Paypal to ensure any loss or damage is insured. Total amount paid 25 pounds. 15 for the box and 10 for shipping. I got it on the Saturday. Not bad......
Box was sturdy and well packed. On opening this is what you see.

Turning the little card over it lists the total contents of the box.

Pulled everything out, checking everything is there.
Complete stash below.
 Love the fact that the little paper bags are stamped and sprayed and that all the packagings can be used in mixed media projects.
 My faves from this box are:
1) the prompt cards, made by Checiegirl herself, using all the mixed media steps you can think of.
2) the roll of guaze bandage, what an original idea to create texture in a background.
3) the texture tools, two cool scrapers made of plastic to create different textures in your project.
 So...would i buy another pack from Checiegirl....yes i probably would. Sometimes its nice to know what you are getting and sometimes its not.

I also ordered some supplies from a Spanish on-line art store called Craftelier. I ordered: acrylic paint (10 colours), a Dyan Reaveley Art Journal, a Ranger Ink stencil, some plain white tags and some cardstock elements. I paid 62 euros and 5 euros for shipping. I ordered on Friday evening and got it on Thursday. Nice !!

A lot of Art-journallers use Americana acrylic paint. I wanted to try something different so i went looking for reviews. Americana paint is thinner and works well for art journalling. Sennelier is a well known make of paint, also famous for there water colours. I fell in love with these little containers.
 I got 10 of these little pouches. 3 primery colours (red, yellow,blue), 2 basics (black and white) and 5 pop-art colours (orange, pink, green, blue and yellow). I love that i can paint little bits directly from the container. They are thicker than the cheap acrylic paint i have but they cover waaaaaayyyy better to.
So to celebrate all of the above i put all of that together. The is the coverpage for my new Dyan Reaveley art journal.

I put doen two strips of guaze and painted them down with chalk primer, thick stuff, never used it before, awesome for texture. I sprayed acrylic pain here and there (just cheap stuff from a local craft store).

I stamped clouds with the Checiegirl stamps and ink. Drew raindrops with black, silver and gold gelpens. Used the silver pen too make a silver lining around each cloud.

I printed a pop-art photo of me with my awesome, love, love this little machine, printing and altering photos directly from your cell-phone. I put it under a die-cut frame in brown colour ('cause it matched my dyary). I decorated the frame with the gelpens too.

I used a Gelli plate to decorate some 'Spanish' tags with my awesome Senneliers paints. I chose the smallest one just because i thought it fit best. I decided to use coloured buttons (from my stash) to add the three (photo, frame and tag) together.
I drew flowers and coloured them with my paints. Love, love, love these bright colours. I added Yayy to the frame with a stamp from the box. I used black pen to add the text: 'something about a silver lining' and Stabilo colours to add the title: ARTSY FARTSY.

So very happy with everything i got and used (or even did not use). So very happy with my page and so very happy to share my thoughts about eveything i used. Please note, i am not getting anything for free, i am not getting paid for telling you about these products. It's all just my opinion :)

Here is a link to Checiegirl Creations
Here is a link to Craftelier
Here is a link to Ranger Ink and Dyan Reaveley's Dyary.
Here is a link to Sennelier paint
Here is a link to HP Sprocket

Thanks for reading !

Monday, 11 June 2018

Sunflowers or sunglowers

Back again,

When typing the title, my auto correct made sun-glowers instead of sun-flowers. Thought that cute LOL.

I bought Marieke Blokland's book 'Art jounaling and mixed media'. love it .... Tips and tricks as well as assignments to do. Lots of advise with the thing i find hardest, which media works with other media. The good thing is it doesn't matter as there is no wrong way to do it. The bad thing is things don't happen the way you think they will hahahahaha.

In the book she also talks about cool they are a vocal point but also how cool they are on a background. She also advised making a stamp for yourself, the letters of your name and the you can stamp all your work in style. I tried lol forgot to make sure it was mirrored whahahaha so of course it was back to front.

A smooth rubber and a sharp knife. An idea of what you want to do is handy also.
I decided on the @ and the year. This one is wrong.

This is the back of one of the cards i made. Stamp worked out well.
cards to follow in another post.

So started this page with lines of black and white papers, layering that on with Gesso. I drew circles and swirls with the crayons. Covered a few with the ink and then changed to water colour paint. I drew stems and leaves. I used black and white posca to decorate the flowers and add some dotting.

I used ecoline ink to create some sunshine at the top.I used Stabilo pens to add words. Its a word chain... i started with flowers and wrote down each word that popped into my thoughts. A great way to stay positive.

I love bright colours, i love the spring sun shining into my house, i love sitting outside and listening to the birds and i love our getaway caravan....all these things keep me (semi - lol) relaxed and positive.

Hope you like what i have done,let me know....okay ?!

Back soon !

Friday, 1 June 2018

Art Journal

Hi there,

I got bit, never been excited about being bitten before.
Got bitten by the art journal bug.

I always liked using different media in making cards and i have a bullet journal. People from way back when or those who know me better, know i feel i am better with words.

I am very creative....i make jewellery with beads and aluminium wire, i have done some hand lettering and even mosaic but i really think i can't  draw. My mother keeps trying to convince me i can so she introduced me to art journalling.

I never even new my mum did that...she never shared them or i never remember her sharing. She followed mixed media classes and her stuff is awesome. Love my creative mum.

I googled a lot...found some awesome people on the world-wide-web who do a lot of good.

*** I signed up for a free class by Marieke Blokland from she also does a summer class at the artjournalschoolhouse. You can find that here.

*** I also found a free class by Kristal Norton called 'Art Journalling 101'. You can find that here.

*** Also on You Tube i found awesome classes by Maremi called Maremi Small Art. You can find that here.

I am so excited i got enrolled for the class too, it starts in September and its given by Marlene. Marlene is awesome ! She even has a line of art journalling materials made possible by studio line. A journal, stamps, paper pads and loads more goodies. i have them all allready.

I want to practice...i was kind of afraid i would look silly amongst experienced multi media artists, and I didn't want to ruin the awesome jounal.

I got a 200 page magazine, supplied by a higher end car dealership and stuck two pages together. As i do not yet have many stencils and media options the pre-coloured and texted back grounds help.

I used all the 'media' i have....a list 😀
- soft pastels
- acrylic paint
- ecoline brushpens
- water colour pencils
- pigment ink pads
- stencils
- sakura pens
- washi tape

This is the full page. There are things i like and things i do not like to much.
I put the blue down first and then drew the face....thought it would be cool to do the face there.
Now i dont....reminds me of someone from Avatar...

I like the right side of her face.

I like the flowers.

I also signed up for The Crafters Workshop DT. Dont have a chance i think with all the awesome artists out there. But i thought if they have DT'er in Holland they might sell more in Holland.

Oh well back soon with some birthday cards :)